Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Physicists are debating/thinking/exploring to knw the shape n size of the universe ,even they are assuming about parallel universe.In eastern ancient philosophy of Vedanta there is discussion about the universe.All the physical phenomenological existences(Satta) included in universe(Brahmanda) so if anything will exist physically outside our so called universe is to be the component of the universe what we r saying universe at present is to be renamed .Physics has been calculating it's size n shape in giga parsecs but each n every moments size is increasing ,so,it is difficult /impossible to get the xact size but not beyond the human assumptions.How much the universe expands the venue for expansion i.e. space-time singularity is available ,this space called Disha in Veda is infinite(Neti Neti-endless n infinite); where presence of light, fastest physical xistence, ends there won't be void of everything there is of course black space(Tama Ashit-RigVeda) but it will be full of monistic omnipresent ultimate existence called Brahma .

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baburam's visit

Nepal ko arthik bikas ma hydropower xport garnai par6 tara baburamle pani ko kura gare feri bat lagla kina ki india sanga pani bat nalagega pradhanmantri nai vayenan

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I am writing science fictions based on the stories of Mahabharata,already finished Janmaparva n Samanyaparba,now ,writing Yuddhaparva where Geeta comes,my dear friends I m in confusion whether I sd include it as before or make new parba as Geeta parba what you suggest


CERN declared FTL neutrinos,n they claimed that they observed it,I have very simple arguments on this,if anything with mass will get velocity equal to light then its mass will be infinite then how the NA neutrinos can have that velocity?another qn is-observational capacity of human is limited to speed of light then how can we observed FTL?